Brazilian gunman’s robbery of school kids foiled by gun-wielding mother

A gunman’s attempt to rob young children outside a Brazilian school was hindered after the mother of one child turned out to be an off-duty police officer.
Security cameras outside the school captured the chilling moment that unravelled on Saturday morning local time, The Daily Mail reports.
A man, dressed in a black jacket, walked up to the group of people announcing they were involved in a robbery as he pointed a .38 revolver at them.
Forty-two-year-old military police officer Katia da Silva Sastre was armed and opposed the gunman, pulling out her own firearm and shooting him three times.
The suspected gunman, Elivelton Neves Moreira, 21, later died in hospital from his injuries. Ms da Silva Sastre has been commended for her actions despite the “regrettable” outcome.


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