Instagram accounts to follow for the royal wedding

In a few days, Meghan Markle will officially join the royal family, and we will certainly watch.
On May 19, the former “Suits” star will marry Prince Harry at Windsor Castle, which will certainly be a magnificent ceremony with many distinguished guests. Unfortunately for most of us, attending the wedding in person is not an option. (Did your invitation get lost in the mail as well?)
Thanks to social media – in particular, Instagram – this does not mean that we will have to miss all the action. We’ve put together a list of accounts to follow before the big day to give you everything you could need, including photos, official announcements and even sarcastic comments. The official Instagram account of Kensington Palace should be a reference. Here you will find pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on public outings, and you will see official announcements directly from the source. On wedding day, we will say that it is safe to count on this account for some great pictures of the celebration, and maybe even some interesting and educational information about the royal traditions. For the reasons listed above, you need to Also follow the royal official Instagram account of the family, sure to bring you some great pictures of the big day and maybe even some extra photos of the queen as a whole wedding.

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