Netherlands: An unwise French family pursued by cheetahs in an animal park

The discovery of animal parks is a wonder for young and old. The respect of safety conditions must nevertheless be applied to the letter and in all circumstances.
The incident occurred this week, May 7, according to the author of the video. The images were captured in the “safari” part of the animal park. In this area, visitors can progress by car in the middle of wild animals. A family of tourists unfortunately did not respect the elementary rules. They left their vehicles to take photographs, to watch the animals a little closer and to have a picnic.
After a few moments in the open air, out of their car, this family was chased by cheetahs in the safari park of Beekse Bergen in the Netherlands. This information was unveiled by the Dutch public broadcaster NOS on Friday 11 May. The persons in question are presented as French citizens by the Dutch media. They did not respect the main rule of the excursion, indicated on the rules of the park:
“It is forbidden to leave your vehicle during the car safari”.
Two cheetahs rushed to the family towards the very end of the recording. Distraught, the French couple and their children return to the vehicle as soon as possible. Fortunately, they were not injured.
Asked by NOS, Niels de Wildt, the park manager, says, “These people have been incredibly lucky, cheetahs are at mealtimes, so they are not very hungry and are not hunting”.

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