That Night

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It’s been a year since Hailey’s boyfriend died Declan, and Hailey is still far from okay. She’s lost almost all her friends,

her grades are falling, and she pretty much lives wrapped up in bed. Everyone says Declan’s death was a suicide-after all,

his father’s gun was found near his body-but Hailey knows that the happy, confident Declan she knew that never do that

She’s positive The problem is, she can not remember anything
Kane, Declan’s stepbrother and Hailey’s best friend, thinks that everyone should move on-why relive the pain?

But when Hailey sees Declan’s belongings in a threatening message, she’s convinced she has evidence that there is

more to the story. Hailey starts searching for answers and throws herself in memories her subconscious tries to make

her forget … and the deep she looks, the more she remembers.
But the truth she is going to be more dangerous and more devastating than She has ever imagined.


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