When Death Becomes Life

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A gifted surgeon illuminates one of the most profound, awe-inspiring,

and deeply affecting the achievements of modern day medicine-the movement

of organs between bodies-in this exceptional work of death and life that takes place

besides its Atul Gawande’s Complications, Siddhartha Mukherjee’s The Emperor of All

Maladies, and Jerome Groopman’s How Doctors Think.
At the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Joshua Mezrich creates life from loss,

transplanting organs from one body to another In this intimate, profoundly

moving work, he illuminates the extraordinary field of transplantation that

enables this kind of miracle to happen every day.
When Death Becomes Life is a thrilling look at how science advances on a great

scale to improve human life. Mezrich examines more than one hundred years of

remarkable medical breakthroughs, connecting this fascinating history with the inspiring

and heartbreaking stories of his transplant patients. Combining gentle sensitivity with scientific clarity,

Mezrich reflects on his calling as a doctor and introduces the modern pioneers who made transplantation

a reality-maverick surgeons whose feats of imagination, bold vision, and daring risk taking techniques and practices that millions of lives around the world


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