Yijunshangping Christmas gift packaging bags



Yijunshangping Christmas gift packaging bags, 24, two colors, 12 red and green drawstring size 9×13.39 inches, used for snack, parties, birthdays Party, wedding bag. tree decoration.
Easy to Use】- Comes with pretty ribbons which can help you store things quickly, provide beautiful finished look for your gift.
In terms of design: just pull the ribbon to wrap your gift. The packaging process is easier, more convenient, and more efficient, allowing you to have a better experience!
The pattern design is exquisitely designed, the red mini pattern, the color is bright, delicate and cute
Wide range of uses: it can be used for snacks, candy, nuts, chocolate, lollipops, bread and other snacks, and various gifts.
High-quality materials, soft, comfortable, not easy to break, and the color is not easy to fade, the material is strong, and can be reused


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