Uber’s fake driver may be targeting intoxicated women in By Ward Market

Police are searching for the suspect after a woman over 20 years old was picked up at ByWard Market early Wednesday morning.
Police said the woman was sexually assaulted while the man was driving. The suspect, still posing as an Uber driver, told him to go to a nearby ATM to pay for the trip in cash.
Uber drivers are strictly prohibited from accepting cash payments under the Ottawa statutes.
The suspect followed the woman to the ATM “insisting on payment,” the police said. The suspect left after the woman paid him, and she reported the incident to the police. Police released several photos of the suspect, which appear to have been captured by surveillance cameras that monitor the ATM.
Researchers from the sexual abuse and child abuse unit said they are concerned that the same man is targeting women “who seem to be drunk when bars (and) restaurants close at night.”
Police warned the public to verify their driver’s credentials before entering the vehicle, and issued a reminder that Uber drivers do not accept cash payments. Police said the latest assault is not related to similar incidents reported in December and January, also involving a man posing as an Uber driver and allegedly sexually assaulting female passengers.
The police received more than 10 reports on that suspect, with most of the incidents reported in ByWard Market, where the suspect would offer trips to women who left bars and restaurants and who appeared to be drunk. According to reports, the driver sexually assaulted his victims once they were in his car.
Police said the suspect also stole victims’ credit and debit cards, which he later used to defraud them.

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