Gym 1 Deluxe Doorway Swing Set – All-in-One Indoor Gym and Playground for Kids and Adults – Two Attachments for Fun and Fitness Indoors: Pull-Up Bar and Plastic Swing – Color: Red
About this item
Made for fun and fitness: The Deluxe Doorway Swing Set easily converts from a kids’ swing set to a home pull-up bar, providing endless hours of entertainment and exercise for the whole family
For children and adults: Swinging burns up to 200 calories an hour. When the kids are done swinging, parents can use the hanging pull-up bar to get an intense upper body/core workout
Strong and safe: Made of professional grade steel, Gym 1 is capable of holding up to 300 pounds yet weighs under 10 pounds itself. Fully tested for safety and certified to ASTM standards
Fits most doorframes: Gym 1 fits any interior doorway that’s between 25” wide and 36” wide, with standard-sized top trim and frame thickness
Easy to install: It takes only minutes to install the Gym 1 swing set. No drilling or hammering required. Simply adjust the patented Vise-Grips to fit your doorway and then tighten the knobs